Your Destination for Smog Checks in Auberry, CA

California State Law dictates that most vehicles need to undergo a smog check in Auberry, CA every two years in order to properly renew their registration. Few vehicles are exempt from this rule, which means you’re likely coming due for your next check. When you receive that letter from the California DMV, be sure you’re making an appointment with Auberry Garage.

As a recognized Smog Check station by the California Bureau of Automotive Repair, we’re ready to test your vehicle to make sure it passes the emission standards set down by the state. We’ll run it through the smog battery to provide you with a pass/fail designation. If you pass, we’re happy to send you on your way; if you fail, we can assist you in performing any repairs or maintenance that might result in a pass.

Established expertise

Though they’re located around the state, it’s important not to visit just any smog check service in Auberry, CA. Certified stations can provide the pass/fail results you demand from a test, but few offer the comprehensive insight needed to provide you with service if the test comes back as a fail. At Auberry Garage, we go the extra mile, to help you turn a failing smog test into a passing one.

Air quality retention

You might ask yourself why you need a smog test every couple of years—especially if your vehicle is relatively new. The answer, is to help California and the rest of the United States maintain better standards for harmful emissions. By measuring your vehicle’s output and comparing it to set standards, you can do your part in keeping our atmosphere a little cleaner and our air a little more breathable.

In California especially, smog checks go a long way towards keeping pollution-heavy vehicles off of the roads.

Schedule a smog test

If the time has come for your vehicle to pass a smog check in Auberry, CA, schedule your appointment with Auberry Garage. We’re equipped to give you the pass/fail results you need to move forward, and if your vehicle fails, we can help you set it back on the right track to passing. Call us today at 559-855-2560 to schedule an appointment.